Lenwood M. Ross

About our Founder and CEO

If you've engaged enough to be reading about me here, you're probably a business leader that wants to win at digital.

You want to:

  • acquire new customers and turn them into raving fans
  • inspire and engage your employees to become your organization's biggest advocates
  • create a culture of creativity and innovation that attracts talented people
  • leave the doldrums of listless mediocracy for inspiring high achievement

You're after the agile and innovative workplace. 

Why join our community? Why now?

The things that worked in the past don't work anymore, do they?

The pace of digital change is impacting every industry. Like many other leaders, you haven't taken the steps necessary to keep up for whatever reason. You've been treading water.

The Covid-19 crisis is a wake-up call. You got a glimpse of what would happen if one day all of your business was gone. Whether you or someone you know, you saw what happens when a market is gone overnight.  

You may have also noticed something else. Digital businesses are thriving.

Now you see. The only businesses resilient enough to keep going and even thrive during this crisis have been digital businesses. Amazon. Microsoft. Zoom. GrubHub. DoorDash. Peloton. All digital businesses.

These businesses switched to remote work overnight—no scrambling with infrastructure or remote working applications to keep things going. With years of experience working collaboratively, their teams already had the skills to keep things moving without missing a beat.

I've been there too.

Several years ago after a crisis, I left my six-figure career to helping my father in our small family-owned business. I found myself in an industry being disrupted by technology unable to keep up. 

I had been a senior executive at a $2 Billion international retailer for almost 6 years. While there, I had studied our founder and CEO as he led a team of devoted and talented employees, executives, and board members.

I thought that I had learned everything that I needed to know to help my father.

But I needed to grow as a leader and businessperson.

In a world being rapidly changed by new technologies, I needed to learn about digital business and new technologies.

I also needed a partner, a CEO willing to grow and change with me. My father had given up on himself and his business. He sold the company's most valuable asset, a multi-story commercial property located in the heart of a revitalized Brooklyn.

He left me with worthless assets, no cash, unpaid taxes, and a mountain of debt. 

My wife and I lost everything.

After struggling for a few years and getting nowhere fast, I went back to school.

I learned entrepreneurship at the W.R. Berkeley Innovation Lab at NYU Stern School of Business.

I then earned a postgraduate degree in digital business from Emeritus Institute of Management, a collaboration of MIT, Dartmouth, and Columbia Business School Executive Education. I learned from a team of professors that included David L. Rogers, author of The Digital Transformation Playbook, and Geoffrey Parker, co-author of Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets are Transforming the Economy and How to Make Them Work for You.

Now, I'm offering everything that I have learned in my 25 years of experience as an:

  • Ivy League learner,
  • observer and advisor to a successful founder and CEO who built a category-leading retailer with more than $2 billion in sales,
  • an enterprise executive,
  • an entrepreneur, and
  • student and practitioner of digital business.

Can I help you do the same?

Are you ready to transform your team to take advantage of digital business? 

There is no one size fits all approach—no magic bullet. You don't need to get a postgraduate degree in digital business. I've taken care of that for you.

You and your team must be willing to think differently to grow. It will take more than a software application or another consultant to win.

We're building the infrastructure and network of innovators. We're learning together.

All we need is you.

Through our programs and network -- we're creating a business transformation revolution. 

Every day we see struggling leaders trade confusion for direction. We hope you'll join us.

Try It. You'll Like It.

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