Forget Russell Brunson - I’ll Listen to Archimedes on Social Selling

by Lenwood Ross September 28th, 2020

Social selling beats traditional email marketing like a drum. There is no better way to get access to buyers and create opportunities for conversations. Email marketing can’t overcome exponentiation, the mathematical principle discovered by Archimedes. Let me explain.

WTF is exponentiation?

In his work The Sand Reckoner, Archimedes of Syracuse, arguably the greatest mathematician of the ancient world, discovered and proved the law of exponents or exponentiation. People sometimes refer to exponents as powers. But, exponents or powers is just a shorthand way of indicating repeated multiplication of the same thing by itself.

Most students in the United States learn about exponents using simple and compounding interest. So if you made it past the 7th grade, there’s a good chance you’ll understand my point.

The graph below shows the difference between simple interest and compound interest over time. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that you want compound interest.

Mission Critical

Some people consider me a social selling expert. LinkedIn ranks me in the top 1%. Several of my colleagues are thought leaders in the area. But I don’t consider social selling my superpower. I do have one, though. Here it is.

When I was in corporate I reported to a finance executive, notorious in retail. She says to me one day, “Lenwood, you know what your greatest strength is?" I looked at her with a blank stare, amazed that a compliment seemed to be forthcoming. She says, "issue clarity.” “You’re good at identifying the mission-critical issue and focusing on it without distraction."

I had not seen that in myself; I am thankful she pointed it out.

As I began studying social media and buyer behavior, I noticed something about social selling that made me decide to focus there.

So, I share with you now the mission-critical reason why you should focus on social selling, post haste.

Traditional Email Marketing

Have you heard of Russell Brunson? (He's the guy next to Archimedes in the top photo.)

I had not heard of him before just a couple of years ago.

Russell has an enormous following. He’s the author of several books and pamphlets. He’s also the creator of the wildly popular marketing automation platform, Click Funnels. 

Russell is a very influential marketer. He's built a guru-type following. He and Tony Robbins are friends, the two gurus frequently cross-promote or co-market. 

Russell packs his content with significant value. When I was searching for marketing help to grow my business, Russell’s marketing machine found me. 

I exchanged my email address to get his DotCom Secrets book for free. It was well worth it, for Russell and me. Here's what Russell said. 

You see above that I underlined what Russell said, "Your one and ONLY goal is to OWN all the traffic you can."

Russell offered his content, The DotCom Secrets book, for free in exchange for my email address. Once he had my email address, Russell was able to keep making me offers, including his upsells and add-ons.

That's what Russell meant by "owned" traffic. Once Russell had my email address, he could just keep making me offers. This is the heart of email marketing. 

Eventually, he pitched Click Funnels to me, and he got me for a few months of subscription fees on that.

I am here to tell you that Russell is right. It’s wise to build your email list. With all of Russell’s content and his marketing funnels, he monetized my email immediately. Russell probably has millions of names on his email list.

Russell's strategy worked until it didn't. 

I stopped opening Russell's emails. I no longer see his content because I got tired of Russell selling me.

If you’re a professional looking for access to clients and opportunities for conversations. Building an email list to monetize in this way, it's earning simple interest. The red line on the bottom in the graph above.

What is social selling? 

Traditional email marketing is a one-to-one connection (e.g., Russell to me) just like simple interest. Simple interest grows slowly compared to the compound interest. Nobody chooses simple interest over compound interest. 

Social selling is a one-to-many connection (e.g., Lenwood to You and Your Network), like compound interest. Compound interest grows faster over time. The sooner that you start. The more your investment pays in later years. 

What do investment professionals always tell you? Invest as much as you can as soon as possible because time is the critical factor. 

Social selling is not selling. It is a process that includes building your brand, networking, standing out, engaging, and creating content. Through this process, you close the distance between you and your prospects or partners.

Today, social media is where you get access to your targets and create opportunities for conversations.

Social media is growing so fast. This image from earlier this summer is now dated. LinkedIn recently announced there are 700 million people on the platform.

Social selling is how we build our audience and monetize our influence. For more on the micro-influencers age, read my article What the Kardashians Can Teach You About Getting Paid

When executed correctly, social selling has an exponential impact, like compounding interest. As you build your brand, your influence grows. That’s why you want to start now. 

Build your email list. But, do not invest time creating content, like Russell Brunson's DotCom Secrets, to build your email list. Treat your email list like cloud back-up. 

Focus your efforts on social selling. 

If social media goes the way of the Dodo, you’ll be ready with your email list. 

To learn the social selling strategy that I use, reply to this email. 

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