Transform Behaviors through Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Learning Experiences (CLX)

Our CLX platform is a major advancement in learning that uses the science of engagement to change behavior.

CLX drives your transformation through training that's engaging, scalable, and customizable

Business moves at the speed of social media.

Participants learn to be social in a social environment.

Blended training methods transform mindsets and behaviors quickly.

Blended Learning Drives Engagement

CLX's powerful features accelerate your transformation.

Real-World Application

Learning followed by practice and real-world application drives new behaviors and habits.

Live Online Sessions

Bi-weekly meetings led by experienced social experts to share insights and best practices.


Participants learn from each other and our experts through peer reviews and open discussions.

Micro Video Lessons

Easily consumable bite-sized lessons available 24/7 help participants retain information.

Modular Learning

Training experienced over several weeks with skills application drives superior retention.


Competition and accountability motivate through leaderboards and badges.

Drive Transformation through Changed Behaviors

The pace of change today is fast.

The stakes are too high for inaction or ineffective solutions.

Build an agile team ready to adapt rapidly.

Measure results in weeks not years.

Build Social Confidence in the CLX Before Engaging Online

Effective virtual conversations that influence decision-makers require teamwork.

Our team of highly skilled social media experts provides feedback and coaching.

Participants build confidence while learning our proven methodology.

Within the first week, participants apply their skills online.

See Results Quickly and Identify Your Most Skilled Virtual Sellers

Key benefits of using our CXP Platform to learn social selling.

Real-World Application

Participants use new skills while learning first in the CXP and then on social media.

Live Online Sessions

Participants share insights and best practices with peers and coaching from social experts.


Large cross-functional cohorts build social confidence in the CXP learning to work as a team.

Micro Video Lessons

Participants consume material when on-demand and on the go in 5 and 10-minute increments.

Modular Learning

Higher engagement and retention accelerate behavior change and dramatically improve outcomes.


Easily identify engaged participants through analytics, leaderboards, and badges.

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