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2021 Sales Training Best Practices and Collaborative Learning Experiences

Lenwood is featured on the Training Industry's panel at their April 2021 industry conference discussing best practices in sales training with other leaders in sales training.

The Training Industry association is the most trusted source for the business of learning.

Lenwood focused on using collaboration and real-world application to build confidence with sales teams.

Modern sellers must learn to use social media platforms to have conversations and build deeper relationships.

Turn Your Social Media Activities into Sales Without Selling on Social Media

Lenwood joins Janice B. Gordon on the Scale Your Sales podcast to talk about social selling and collaborative learning experiences.

Lenwood explains how certain behaviors on social media are perceived and the impact that can have on your reputation. He also shares the benefits of extended training programs and coaching in digital transformation programs.

Social Selling and Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Learning

Catie Bull of Marketing Director at Intrepid Learning interviews Lenwood Ross, Founder, and CEO of Accelery.

In this interview, Lenwood explains:

  • the modern buyer's journey,
  • the complexity of the modern purchasing process,
  • the difference between tactical and strategic social selling,
  • the DLA Ignite social selling methodology, and
  • the benefits of choosing the collaborative learning patch for digital training.

Digital First B2B Sales and Accelery's Collaborative Learning Experience Platform

Lenwood appears on the #TimTalk podcast with Tim Hughes, the Co-Founder, and CEO of DLA Ignite, the No. 1 social selling influencer globally, and author of Social Selling, Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers.

Lenwood and Tim have a lively exchange about the benefits of collaborative learning, including how it can help to transform customer-facing teams for digital-first sales, marketing, and customer success.

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